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Etang 52

Etang 52


We would like to introduce you to our new lake Etang 52.The lake is 52 acres set in 70 acres of land, the extraction of sand and stone was started in 1993 and was finished in 2013. Whilst excavating the lake large areas of clay were found and left which has left plenty of features to fish. Including a large plateau with an average depth of 5 foot and covers a surface area of 4 acres. There are also humps , bars, bays and plateaus to fish all over the lake.Together my father, son and I managed to test fish last year for 14 nights catching some great condition original carp. Many of which were 20-40lb so this lake already has a great original stock. Speaking to a local angler, Renald, who works close to the lake and has fished it in the past has caught fish to 23kg = 50.8lb. Big originals result!

With that in mind we thought a few extra fish was needed to create a bit of competition so 100 new fish ranging from 20-40lb were added November 2014.  We estimate a total of 300-400 fish are currently in the lake and it will be interesting to see how it fishes this year. We have now ordered  a further 100 fish to go in December 2015 this year.  There are 15 swims in which many are double swims these will be basic and comfortable. We have made an access track to all swims and the lodge has toilet/shower, a kitchen and charging points for your use.

The lake is situated in the Aube region around 4 hours drive from Calais and the local village is 1 km away and has amenities such as a pizza restaurant, small shop, bar, bakery and a pharmacy. 10 minutes drive and you will be in a larger town which has supermarkets etc.. A full bait service will be available , boat hire and the chance to rent mats and slings.

For more info call Ross on 0033 685162851 or email