Our boilies have been specially formulated to continue to grow and condition our fish throughout the seasons.

These fresh freezer baits have become the carps recognised food source and we can offer these baits at 100 euros / 10 kilos.

Matching Pop Ups (14mm) Dips and wafters are also available

Please do not hesitate to contact Ross regarding bait on (0033 685162851) or


Laneuville Boilies 20mm rounds

  • Fish Mix  10 Euros a kilo
  • Nut Mix   10 Euros a kilo
  • Prepared Particle  Hemp & Partiblend   3.50 Euros a kilo, Maize  3.00 Euros a kilo


  • 25 kg    of     6 mm  or  10mm    55 Euros a sack

Bait Deal

  • 30kg - 10kg of Boilie, 10kg of 6 mm Pellet, 10kg of Particle of your choice   145 EUROS
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