Fishing RULES at Lac de Laneuville

All Rules are in place to protect the carp and the quality of your stay if you decide to Fish.

  • All Particle to be bought onsite in Euros please
  • Max 5 Anglers for the months March to July and a Maximum of 4 Anglers for the months August to November due to the water levels.
  • 3 Rods per Angler
  • Rods must not be left unattended at any time
  • No sacking of fish
  • Large unhooking mats, landing nets and slings are provided & MUST BE USED
  • All fish must be returned to the lake in the weigh sling
  • All bivvies to be put on marked swims
  • Main entrance gate to be kept closed at all times
  • Bait Boats allowed
  • No Rowing Boats allowed
  • Minimum 12lb Line, no braided main lines
  • No tether or fixed lead rigs
  • No dogs allowed without prior permission
  • All nut based baits to be checked with bailiff first
  • No watches to be worn when handling fish
  • No muddy boots in the Gite please.
  • Please use kitchen in the Cabin for storage of tackle.
  • No fires
  • No bleach or cleaning products to be brought onsite
  • Strictly no litter to be left lying around the grounds for the safety of the wildlife. Rubbish to be recycled in bins provided.
  • A security deposit of £100 is required to cover losses, damages or any additional costs arising if the Lake & Gite/Cabin are not left in good order on departure. Please hand this in CASH on ARRIVAL.
  • All beds used to be stripped of bed linen before departure please.

We reserve the right to terminate your vacation if you are in any way causing a disturbance or harm to other Guests, other people, grounds, fish, lakes or property. You will not be liable to a refund/compensation and you may incur costs for any damage carried out.

Telephone: 003 332 5068036